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How do I file a patent application? 

Patent Application


As your Patent Attorneys it is our job to prepare and file patent applications to protect your inventions. We can bring an unrivalled level of skill and intuition to this process because we have been doing it for over a century.


To obtain a patent for an invention it is necessary to make a patent application, which is then examined. The invention must be entirely new, and it must have inventive merit. If this is clearly so then the patent application can be straightforward, but if it has to be argued then it can be a complicated and difficult process. In most cases applicants have to fight to get the broadest rights, and this is when having a good Patent Attorney is vital.  


To determine if an invention is new and inventive patent examiners search through prior publications including patent applications. This is called the "prior art". They issue search reports on their findings, and examination reports which contain reasoned objections based on those findings. It is then necessary to either argue that these objections are unfounded, or to amend what they claim their invention to be to avoid conflict with the prior art. This process can take anything from a few months to several years to complete, and only a skilled Patent Attorney with a background in the relevant scientific discipline will be able to achieve the best result.


At Baron Warren Redfern our patent lawyers handle patent applications relating to a vast range of different subjects, both here in the UK and around the world. With our expertise you can be sure that the best possible patent application will be granted to protect your invention.


Speak to our patent attorneys today for everything you need to know on how to file a patent application.


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