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BWR Helps Entrepreneurs Through the IP Jungle

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“Would you enter the jungle alone?”

“Would you enter the jungle alone?” is the title of a new advice leaflet created by BWR for distribution to British SMEs.

Partner Jerry Bridge-Butler produced the eye-catching flyer on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA), and both are now using it.

The hand-out was produced specifically for the CIPA and ITMA stands at the Global Entrepreneurship Week show at the British Library in November, where 2,000 copies were distributed. However, the leaflets it will also now be used at any event attended by either institute at which individuals or SME’s looking for advice might be present.

Jerry is a member of both the Press and PR Committee of CIPA, and the Press Committee of ITMA, and was tasked with producing the new leaflet because of his background in journalism. He drafted the text and designed the overall look.

The leaflet extols the virtues of using intellectual property attorneys as opposed to going it alone, and points out all the added value they bring. It explains that attorneys can advise on how to use the IP system to gain a competitive advantage, how they fight the applicant’s corner to get the best rights granted, and talks about enforcement, licensing and foreign protection.

Jerry Bridge-Butler said: “I was asked to come up with something which was eye-catching and memorable. I used the jungle metaphor because there are so many pitfalls and dangers in IP that it seemed appropriate. It also allowed me to present attorneys as guides to help navigate the difficult terrain.”

“I know from having dealt with all kinds of patent and trade mark issues that it really isn’t something SMEs want to be tackling without help.”

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